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What impact can you have?

An age-old framework used in Startup marketing is Pirate Metrics (also known as AARRR).

Depending who you ask, more or less: Acquisition. Activation, Revenue, Retention/Referral, Retention.

Where to start? Let’s walk through an eCommerce example we put together going through the five stages.




Impacting 9 different levers by just 10% (in green) has the compound effect of DOUBLING the Return on Ad Spend:

a) Traffic Delivery (CPM)

b) Creative Performance (CTR)

c) Content Engagement / Messaging (Bounce Rate)

d) Micro-Conversion (Add to Cart)

e) Conversion Rate (CR%)

f) Average Order Value (AOV $)

g) Abandoned Cart Recovery (ACR%)

h) Referral Rate (RR%)

i) Re-purchase (LTV)


Work for the small wins. They add up.

Thanks for attending the CMA webinar.


As mentioned, here are some useful resources:

Occam’s Razor




Useful reads:
AirBnB The growth story you didn’t know
Avinash LTV
Seth Godin – The first 1000

Useful listens:
Masters of Scale
How I Built This
Seth Godin – Startup School



Downloadable guides:
Google Analytics Academy
Hubspot Inbound


Bonus: How Johnny Depp reverse growth hacked his finances (a great read)

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